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My One and Only Sports Injury was from Band

Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 6 comments

I am an athlete. Just kidding. I wish I was that tough, multi-vitamin-eating mom in the commercials who jogs through the park talking about how she’s good to herself, but I’m not. That’s why I took band. Every year during marching band season some of us woodwind players would be chosen to beef up the percussion section. My assignment – the bass drum. It was the best year of my life – or at least in the top thirty. The bass drum section consisted of two bass clarinet players, one flute and one oboe. We were all female so we cleverly named ourselves GLOBDL – Gorgeous Ladies of the Bass Drum Line. And we were. Especially decked out in our huge white shirts with the red ascot, the black pants, cummerbund, suspenders and the shiny military shoes. Did I...

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All I Know about the Old Testament I Learned from Veggie Tales

Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 in Silly Stuff | 5 comments

I spent many hours of my childhood in Sunday School looking at Technicolor pictures of the parables hung on the basement walls. I attended VBS, drank the watered down Kool-Aid, ate the animal crackers and colored pictures of the fruits of the spirit. I went to Discipleship training before church on Sunday night, and then went to “big” church for another hour after that. If anyone should have the Old Testament stories nailed down, it’s me. But along came a cautious tomato and a dingy cucumber and clouded my thinking. Alas, the seed fell among the thorns and the thorns grew up and choked out the true account and left me remembering the “Factured Fairy Tale” version. Now, when my kids ask me to tell them a Bible story, I hesitate – Let’s see… there was David. He was...

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Here She Comes…Miss Fill-In-The-Blank

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 4 comments

Doesn’t every little girl dream of a tiara and a sash? A beautiful gown, whitened teeth and a limpid wave mean that you are someone important. You have that indescribable charm, the grace, the ability to sell raffle tickets that raises you above your peers. Yes, I’m bitter. Not that I ever made an attempt. Learning a talent, dieting and being pretty would be too much work. I really just wanted the crown, thank you. And being chauffeured in a convertible would be fun, too. But I might have tried if I could’ve made up my own title. How would the sash of your choice read? Miss Good Friend? Miss Beautiful Home? Miss Behaved Children? Many local festivals don’t have titles that accurately reflect the honor bestowed on the lucky young woman. I’m not sure what prize package accompanies the Crown of...

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The Versatile Blogger

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Silly Stuff | 6 comments

In case you didn’t see the break-in news alert, I was awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by my friend LeAnne Hardy last week. Now, while I try to decide how to invest the winnings, I must comply with the stringent requirements accompanying this prestigious award: 1. List 7 things people may not know about you. 2. Pass the award on to 7 new bloggers and let them know that they won. 3. Don’t forget to thank the blogger who gave the award to you. Thank you, LeAnne. I spent some quality time with LeAnne at the recent ACFW Conference. She is a fascinating lady. She has lived all over the globe, has a heart for missions and a talent for international fiction. Naming me in this award was a nice way for her to send her readers to my blog, so please visit...

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The Potluck Militia

Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 in History, Silly Stuff | 11 comments

Potlucks have a long and esteemed history. When writing Sixty Acres and a Bride (which releases in February!) it was natural to set a few scenes on the church grounds, but potlucks go back further than the 1880s. In fact, I’m pretty sure the Treaty of Paris was hammered out over fried chicken and green bean casseroles. Maybe that’s why I’m viewing them through Franklin bifocals. Hang around after church and you might see some of these folks. The Minute Men – Their pantries are stocked with the goods they need. They rush into the fray with only a moment’s notice, and their muskets are loaded with… Spaghettios. Maybe it’s not gourmet, but give them credit for making it to the green. And another bonus-the kids absolutely love their food. The Marquis de LaFayette – She has style. She has panache. And I...

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What I Learned at the Writer’s Conference

Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Silly Stuff, Writing | 13 comments

1. Stop talking long enough to get your picture taken. Nothing’s worse than getting home and realizing you look TUFF (Too Ugly For Facebook) while posing with your heroes. 2. It takes a twelve page hand-out to teach us how to write kissing scenes. Not that I’m complaining. Most interesting notes ever. 3. People on the elevator don’t care that you just realized Liz Curtis Higgs is standing next to you. They expect you to exit when the doors open. 4. Wearing a chicken costume and performing cartwheels under the St. Louis Arch while yelling, “Chicken Cartwheel! Chicken Cartwheel!” is perfectly acceptable behavior. 5. My editor doesn’t like to be hugged. 6. Faking an accent makes you sound adorable and gets you lots of attention. (How do we know Karen Schravemade is really from Australia?) 7. I’m shorter than...

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