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How I Lost My Sole at the Football Game

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Family, Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 9 comments

Even before the punishing Oklahoma heat breaks, we start getting geared up for football season. My sister Becky is no exception. So when she was given two tickets to OU’s opening game, she gave me a call. We could run down to Norman and take a quick, local, sister trip together. No planning required. Sounded great. Always looking to save some money, we decided to park way out at the Lloyd Noble Center and walk to the stadium. We’re both healthy, so what would it hurt, even if it was 100 degrees in the shade? We can take the heat. One thing I couldn’t take though, was walking two miles in uncomfortable shoes. Just a few weeks earlier I’d made that mistake when my friend and author buddy Becky Wade had visited OKC. Someone in the group who is related...

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Alfred Hitchcock fans, this is for you –

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Family, Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 1 comment

We’ve been at my parents’ the last three nights enjoying the ending of pool season. Every night we watch a giant flock of birds swarm around their bedroom chimney. There’s been some debate on whether those birds were actually going into the chimney. Mom knew she had a bird, maybe a whole nest of birds in there because they could hear them at night, but she said there was no way all fifty or so birds could be living in there. My sister Becky and I watched and it sure appeared that they were darting into the chimney, but it was hard to tell from that angle. Eventually there were no birds left. Being an inquisitive sort…. Of course I couldn’t just let it go without finding out for sure whether there was a whole flock of birds in my...

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The Shocking Truth Behind the Book Covers: The Red-Eye Effect

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Books, Silly Stuff | 12 comments

When talking about book covers, the most frequent question I’m asked is why my book covers no longer show the heroine’s face. I thought it was a simple matter of marketing preference, but when I finally asked our marketing team, I got an answer that will truly shock you! The fact is that recent research has shown that over-exposure to flash bulbs can have disastrous consequences…consequences that could have already affected you and your kids. Noelle Buss of Bethany House Publishers was kind enough to forward to me a letter from their modeling agency (whose name I can’t reveal) regarding a new policy that directly affects our book covers. BLOOD EYES! Have you EVER heard of this? Scary stuff. Here’s the letter: RE: Photography Policy Changes  Recent studies have uncovered a disturbing trend between repeated camera flash exposure and photosynthetic ocular...

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I’ve Always Dreamed of Making a Movie…

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in A Most Inconvenient Marriage, Silly Stuff | 1 comment

…of one of my books, but this isn’t exactly what I expected. Enjoy!...

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Twas the Night Before a BBC Christmas

Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 in Holidays, Silly Stuff | 9 comments

Some of you will NOT understand this. It’s OK. We’re still friends. But three of my equally geeky friends joined with me to write a poem worthy of our homeschool co-op Christmas talent show.  I don’t think our recital won (that six-year-old singing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree totally nailed it), but we had a good time and succeeded in embarrassing our children to boot! In the hopes that there might be a few kindred spirits who appreciate this, we present:   Twas the Night Before a BBC Christmas T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, Not a child was scrolling, not even their mouse. The school books were stacked on the shelves without care In hopes the next school day would never be there.   The children were muzzled and flung in their beds While...

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4 Steps to Flubbing an Interview

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in Silly Stuff, Writing | 10 comments

This year I attended my first writer’s conference as a published author. A special “Published Author” ribbon hung on my name tag and my book was available in the conference bookstore. Heady stuff. Even more exciting was when the lovely Dianne Burnett from Christian Book Distributors asked if I could meet her in her room for an interview. Me? Seriously? And thus began my misadventure. (Notice: If you are affiliated with my publisher or agency, for your own peace of mind you might not want to read any further.)  Being interviewed before me was the wonderful author Anne Mateer, so I found a corner of the hotel room to hide in so no untimely stomach rumbles would be recorded during Anne’s interview – which was, of course, amazing. I’ve read all her books and loved hearing more about the background...

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