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Traffic and Turnpike Concerns

Traffic and Turnpike Concerns


There will be community-wide meeting to discuss the traffic challenges we face as a growing community as well as the routes of the proposed turnpikes.

We encourage all citizens available to participate in this discussion as we analyze several ideas to help with the congestion experienced on HWY 152 and Mustang Road during busy hours. Some of the items to be discussed:

Reduce overall traffic by encouraging citizens to:
– Carpool
– Use “side” or neighborhood roads to navigate the city when possible
– Walk/Jog/Bike/Hoverboard/Horse/Camel/Donkey
– Stay home

Increase the speed at which traffic moves by:
– Eliminating stop lights (if approved by the Department of Transportation)
– Increasing the speed limits (if approved by the Department of Transportation)
– Make all roads go downhill both ways

Regulate traffic by:
– Passing a city ordinance requiring feminine colored cars (red, pink…) to drive in the left lane and masculine colored cars (blue, black…) to drive in the right lane (until reaching destination obviously). The center “turning” lane can double as a “passing lane” when needed.
– Encouraging some local businesses to alter operating/opening hours to a less busy time frame (preferably evening/night) to more evenly divide traffic between 24 hours in a day. (Currently we have several hours at night where very few citizens are utilizing our streets).

Public Transportation options:
– Funds permitting, we would love to implement a subway service to accommodate in-city travel.
– Instead of a turnpike, we transport commuters by drone.
– Turnpikes will be constructed out of floating concrete, allowing for the preservation of the farmland they are slated to cross.

If you have any questions/comments to any of these ideas, please meet with us at 5:30 pm on April 2, 2016 in the Community Center pavilion. If you are unable to attend, and have suggestions, please comment below and your thoughts will be shared with the appropriate department.


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