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Love in the Balance Launch Party

Love in the Balance Launch Party

What made my second launch party even better than the first? For one thing, I didn’t worry about all the strange stuff that bothered me a year ago. You know…calling myself an author, having people actually (gasp!) read what I’d written. Although I still have flashes of panic, most of the weirdness has worn off.

Instead I could focus on getting together door prizes….


And desserts. Okay, the tearoom provided them, but you’d be surprised how much I worried that there wouldn’t be enough. (Right, Jennifer?) We had plenty.


Old friends brought new fans.


Ladies had an excuse to get together and visit on a winter Saturday.



IMGP2846And we signed books..






And after it was all over I realized that this was the only picture I looked up for. This is my friend Kim. She’s awesome, is always trying to get me to eat better and has put together a killer workout for me…AND she goes to every book signing in central Oklahoma. Plus she did not ask me to sign her bicep with a Sharpie. She wouldn’t do that. No, never.

With Kim

While I wish I’d thought to get better pictures with friends and family, we were all having too much fun to stop and worry about it.

Thank you for celebrating with me. You are such a blessing!


  1. It looks awesome, Regina! Congrats!

  2. Regina, this inspiring to see, because clearly this signing was a gathering of your tribe, of people who follow you and care about what you’re doing. I love the idea of that. Peace!

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