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Let the Countdown Begin…

Let the Countdown Begin…

You wait, and you wait, and you wait…. and then suddenly it’s almost time!

Holding the Fort is just around the corner. It comes out DEC. 6th!!

And because anticipation is half of the fun, here’s a review from Publisher’s Weekly that I got just today!

Jennings introduces readers to an abundant cast in this first installment of The Fort Reno Series set in 1880s Oklahoma. Louisa “Lovely Lola” Bell is the featured singer at the Cat Eye Saloon until the owner replaces her with another performer. Out of a job and with no prospects in sight, Lola heads towards Fort Reno, an outpost in Indian territory where her brother is stationed. On the way there, Lola meets Mrs. Townsend, a Mennonite governess dispatched to the fort to educate Major Daniel Adams’s daughters. When Mrs. Townsend falls ill and can’t continue the trip, Louisa offers to deliver the girls’ textbooks. Arriving at the fort, Louisa is mistaken for the governess and falls into playing the part. Daniel and Louisa’s relationship deepens despite secrets, deceptions, and an Indian uprising. In this character-driven series launch, Jennings offers a powerful lesson on the freedom of truth and forgiveness wrapped in a delightful story of love against the odds.

Wasn’t that nice of them?


So, you know you want the book, but you’re afraid you might forget when the time comes? Well, here are some options to help you remember:

  1. Write a reminder on your arm in Sharpie. Trace it once a week when it starts to fade.
  2. Tell your child that you’ll take them to McDonald’s the day after Holding the Fort arrives (Dec. 6th). Then they will constantly ask you if you’ve got it yet.
  3. Visit your local Christian Book Store and pre-order Holding the Fort. Tell them that you are a personal friend of the author. (Because, we probably are great friends, and if we haven’t met yet, we probably would be great friends!)
  4. Go online and pre-order Holding the Fort at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, ChristianBook, or another trustworthy business. Post on Facebook telling everyone what you just did.

    Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

    Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

  5. Tell your local library that you MUST READ THIS BOOK and have them order a copy for you!
  6. Join my newsletter list. Then you’ll get reminders when the time comes! (December 6th)
  7. Make a vow that you won’t wash your hair until you’ve read Holding the Fort. Your co-workers will all celebrate the release date (Dec. 6th) with you.

I know, I know. I go above and beyond trying to be helpful, but that’s just my heart for you, dear friends.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited about getting to write a series set in my home state. If you share my excitement, leave a comment letting me know what you’re doing to help you remember Dec. 6th, the day we can all be Holding the Fort together!! And as an added bonus, at least one commenter will get to be a part of my influencer team, which means a free copy of the book!   (Must comment before Oct. 20th.)

Counting the days!!




  1. Hi Regina. I am so excited to see that you have a new book about to be published. How do I wait until December 6? How can I have a copy on that day? How do I remember this important day? Well, I have an inside track at the library where I worked for 22 1/2 years so I should be able to be first on the Hold list. I also could go the dirty hair route but I really do need to get groceries in the house in time for cooking and freezing ahead of this time. For some reason my husband frowns and even rudely comments if there nothing to eat because I’ve had my nose stuck in a book! My bank sends out monthly statement on the first Wednesday of the month and That. Would. Be. December 6. My local newspaper publishes each Tuesday and the first issue of each month has coupons. Bingo! Coupons in my hand on December 5 and holding, no hugging, Holding The Fort the next day. And, beginning Black Friday and continuing until The Big Day, my phone will remind me that December 6 will be my Good Wednesday!
    Congratulations on this great review, best wishes for the success of Holding the Fort, and I will let you know when my review has been posted!
    Connie Porter Saunders

    • Haha, Connie. Yes, groceries should be a prerequisite to a new book. Or even better – a pizza delivery gift card! That’ll keep them busy while you read. 🙂

  2. Well, I have a list of new books comingout that I want to read and your book is on there! I’d love to be able to influence for you again, too, if that’s a possibility.

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m getting my act together this week. You’ll be hearing from me.

  3. I love your books. I have all of them and personally signed by you. What a joy to read, and the laughter makes them extra special! You are a lovely person and I love you and your family. Everyone is your best friend is how you treat all and that is rare. I can Harley wait for the book and tell Glenda all the time. Kathie Blackett

    • Thanks, Kathie. I hope to see you at the party again this year. I’ll let you know when it gets on the schedule.

  4. I’m really excited to see I only have a few months to wait for your new book! I just added it to my GR to be read list.

  5. Looking forward to your next book!! I love adding new books to my GoodReads list. 🙂 They’re excellent at reminders, so no need to stop washing my hair. 😉

    • A Goodreads list is an excellent idea! Thanks for adding Holding the Fort!

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