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Finalist…. but It’s Not Final.

Finalist…. but It’s Not Final.

I don’t really understand the term Finalist, because it doesn’t mean that anything is over. In fact, it means that you get to go on to the next round. Very confusing. Maybe it should be called a Continuist?

Anyway, this has been an exciting spring, that’s for sure! I’m so pleased to get to share that both my novella An Unforeseen Match and my full-length historical romance A Most Inconvenient Marriage have made finalist. In fact they both double finaled in two contests and An Unforeseen Match finaled in a third.

The nice people holding these contests sent me logos to share, so just pretend like I’m a grandma showing you pictures of my kids. 🙂

An Unforeseen Match in the novella category:

AMMIT Black Hair
GQ Finalist logoNRCA Icon Novella (1)



A Most Inconvenient Marriage in the Inspiration Category:

A Most Inconvenient Marriage (657x1024)


GQ Finalist logo2015 NRCA Icon Inspirational



Isn’t that cool?!  I’m still amazed that writing is what I get to spend my time doing. Thank you for reading my books, telling your friends, posting reviews and all those other things that keep me going!

And if you haven’t read one of these stories, what are you waiting for? Jump on board!

God Bless!



  1. Congrats, Regina! I hope you take them all!

  2. Ms. Jennings, you are visiting the Tecumseh Library Book Club on July 16th. Copies of some of your books have been given to us; I’m enjoying “Inconvenient Marriage.” At our gathering, when you take questions, I have this one: Is “duller than a widow’s ax blade” a genuine old-time expression, or did you make it up?

    [Googling it yielded a somewhat-similar bible reference…]
    (NASB Eccl 10:10)If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success.

    • Thanks for the great question! I’ll be sure to come prepared.

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