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Historical Romance Author

Before and After: Book Cover Changes

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Books, Caught in the Middle, Sixty Acres and a Bride, Writing | 30 comments

My publisher Bethany House is famous for their historical romance books…and covers. Their covers are adored by authors and readers alike. I’ve never had a cover from them that I didn’t like, but occasionally I get a cover that needs just a little change to make it fit the story better.    For instance, this is my first book cover. Gorgeous, isn’t it? The blouse even matches the descriptions of Rosa’s hand-embroidery work and drawstring neckline.  The one problem we had was that this series takes place in Caldwell County, Texas – a real location that just happens to look nothing like a desert. Before:   After: Those sandy dunes and mountain ranges were replaced with wheat fields and some…well, smaller mountains. This picture could possibly be in central Texas, while the other could not. My Caught in the...

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For Such a Time – Book Review

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Book Reviews, Sixty Acres and a Bride | 27 comments

I love stories – stories of bravery, sacrifice, devotion. And that’s why I love history. Stories, stories, stories. And yet sometimes from a distance those stories loose their sharpness. They become padded in layers of time, traditions and repetition until we only perceive a general form. That’s why I wrote Sixty Acres and a Bride. In thinking about the story of Ruth, I wanted to imagine how she felt going to Boaz in the dark and putting her reputation at stake. I set the story in Texas and placed Ruth and Boaz in the more recent past, which made their decisions seem more weighty. Putting the couple into an era that we’re familiar with made it easier to relate to their story. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Kate Breslin had done something similar with...

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The Hope Chronicles Sweepstakes Winners

Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Books, Sixty Acres and a Bride | 3 comments

  A couple of months ago I got an email from Amanda Dykes, Joanne Bischof and Karen Barnett asking if I’d like to participate in a project they were putting together, along with Sarah Sundin. As they began to share their vision for the Hope Chronicles I was overwhelmed. It was so ambitious. Could we pull it off? I’m so glad we tried, or else we would’ve missed the heartfelt interaction we had with you. Your comments on the blogs, on Twitter and Facebook encourage and minister to us. Thank you for taking the time to chat and share. Come back anytime. And I’m so excited to announce the winner of my prize package ((Drumroll)) And the winner is….   WENDY NEWCOMB!!! Wendy, I’ve emailed you and need your address so please get back to me. Other winners from...

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Hope Chronicles: Rosa Garner

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Books, Sixty Acres and a Bride | 90 comments

Welcome to the Hope Chronicles Blog Hop and Kick-off! We’ve been waiting for months to share our journey with you so keep reading for a new letter from sweet, spunky Rosa and also for information on some fabulous (!) prize packages that will be given away this week. So first off, what is The Hope Chronicles? The Hope Chronicles is a blog hop and journal between 5 historical romance authors. Our desire is to bring you lasting hope through these letters, grounded in the hope of our Lord that does not disappoint, and written from the fictional viewpoints of each book’s heroine. We’re so glad to have you join the event. Each day this week, a new Hope Chronicles post will go live, complete with a journal entry and a new giveaway for that blog post. To read more...

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From Manuscript to Bookshelf – Part 3

Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Books, Publication Story, Sixty Acres and a Bride, Writing | 3 comments

What’s the earliest you’ve ever pre-ordered a book? Would it surprise you to know that most books can be pre-ordered seven months before their release? As the author is still dealing with line edits, blurbs and descriptions are written, the cover finalized and the catalog is produced. If you could read the excerpt in this catalog you’d see that two of the characters mentioned don’t appear in the final version of Sixty Acres and a Bride. You won’t find Naomi and Augustus, but you will find Louise and Nicholas. Those names were changed during editing, but the catalog couldn’t wait for the final product before it needed to make the rounds. Approximately five months from the release the author receives the copy edits. Finally, we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. No more big changes, now we’re looking at grammar, fact checks...

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From Manuscript to Bookshelf – Part 2

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Books, Publication Story, Sixty Acres and a Bride, Writing | 0 comments

Why did it take a full year to get Sixty Acres and a Bride on the shelves? To see the first steps you can read Part 1.   Eye Candy – 9 Months from Release Date After the substantial edits were made and the title chosen, marketing really starts spinning. Have you ever picked up a book and after a few pages you flip to the front cover for a double take? Huh? That’s not how she’s supposed to look. And by the end you’re wondering when did he ride a stallion with his white shirt unbuttoned? I don’t remember that scene. That’s why it’s important to give marketing time to read the book.  It’s not enough to put a pretty lady and a beautiful gown on the cover (and if it’s Christian romance the lady will actually be wearing...

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