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I’m Not Superwoman (But I Do Borrow Her Cape)

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Family | 1 comment

“You homeschool?” She blinks like I just told her that I eat broken glass. “I don’t know how you do it. I don’t have the patience/time/nerve.” “It’s really not that bad,” I assure her. “I can write/clean/cook while they do their lessons. We love all the time we get to spend together as a family.” But she isn’t convinced, so I give up and we move on to less astonishing topics. If you’ve homeschooled long enough to dull your sharpened pencils, you’ve had this conversation. “I’m not Superwoman,” you insist, but no one believes you, so you go back to your quiet home, cuddle up with your little ones, enjoy your favorite read-alouds and wonder why they are so amazed. Who wouldn’t want this gentle, idyllic life? Then it happens. For me it’s usually 2:30 when child #2 admits that she’s skipped her science assignments...

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How I Lost My Sole at the Football Game

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Family, Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 9 comments

Even before the punishing Oklahoma heat breaks, we start getting geared up for football season. My sister Becky is no exception. So when she was given two tickets to OU’s opening game, she gave me a call. We could run down to Norman and take a quick, local, sister trip together. No planning required. Sounded great. Always looking to save some money, we decided to park way out at the Lloyd Noble Center and walk to the stadium. We’re both healthy, so what would it hurt, even if it was 100 degrees in the shade? We can take the heat. One thing I couldn’t take though, was walking two miles in uncomfortable shoes. Just a few weeks earlier I’d made that mistake when my friend and author buddy Becky Wade had visited OKC. Someone in the group who is related...

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Alfred Hitchcock fans, this is for you –

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Family, Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 1 comment

We’ve been at my parents’ the last three nights enjoying the ending of pool season. Every night we watch a giant flock of birds swarm around their bedroom chimney. There’s been some debate on whether those birds were actually going into the chimney. Mom knew she had a bird, maybe a whole nest of birds in there because they could hear them at night, but she said there was no way all fifty or so birds could be living in there. My sister Becky and I watched and it sure appeared that they were darting into the chimney, but it was hard to tell from that angle. Eventually there were no birds left. Being an inquisitive sort…. Of course I couldn’t just let it go without finding out for sure whether there was a whole flock of birds in my...

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Amazon Free Shipping Hacks

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Family | 8 comments

You know how it is – You fill your cart with the items you need at Amazon and then low and behold, you find out that you’re only $2.42 short of reaching that magic free shipping number! What else should you buy? I asked my thrifty friends on Facebook what they do to reach the magic number and they had a whole cartload of ideas. Here are a few of them:   Liberty’s Kids – $5.00 The fabulous Lori told me about this special. I LOVE LIBERTY’s KIDS! This series was on TV back when my 19-year-old was little and it’s a great series that reinforces your child’s American History lessons.  For only $5? You’ve got to be kidding me! Love, love, love, this deal!   A Ladies’ Shawl – under $5.00 I didn’t bother posting a picture because there are...

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A Christmas Prayer for Grandpa

Posted by on Dec 14, 2013 in Family | 2 comments

When I was growing up, Christmas always meant a trip to Grandma’s house in Missouri. We’d pull in late Christmas Eve, piled up like a litter of sleeping puppies. Drowsily, we’d drag our suitcases and presents into the house to be greeted by Grandma with warm hugs, cider, and whatever treats she’d been baking. Of course, Grandpa could take the credit for the roaring fire, but the tree, the decorations, and the presents were all Grandma’s doing. But the first Christmas I can remember really appreciating all my Grandma did was the first Christmas she wasn’t there. Grandma died of cancer when she was fifty-nine. I was fourteen and couldn’t begin to comprehend how young fifty-nine really was, nor could I predict how much I would miss her. I grew up the next Christmas. Grandpa couldn’t have us at...

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How Being a Reader Can Make You Rich and Popular

Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Books, Family | 7 comments

Supply and demand – the theory that drives most transactions. If you have a rare talent, a precious commodity, you can charge what you will for it. Those who need your services have to pay. Case in point – our daughter Reagan. My kids and I spend a lot of time sharing books aloud. Our homeschooling curriculum (Sonlight Curriculum) is literature-rich, so every school day finds us gathered around a book. And even when school is finished, the kids prefer to hear their favorite books aloud. By far the best reader of the bunch is our 15 yo daughter Reagan. Reagan’s readings are performances. She has different voices for the characters. She does accents. She draws out the suspenseful portions until I’m tempted to rip the book out of her hands and read ahead. Reagan has talent. Her sisters...

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