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Booked Solid Contest

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in At Love's Bidding, Books | 4 comments

THE BOOKED SOLID CONTEST to celebrate the release of At Love’s Bidding and Benefitting HOPEGIVERS INTERNATIONAL What am I bidding for? One Year’s Worth of Fantastic Inspirational Books delivered to your mailbox. Where does my bid go? All money raised by this promotion goes to Hopegivers International and their Christmas Hope Chest program to provide every child in their ministry with a new set of clothes, school supplies, toiletries and a Christmas toy. While only the highest bidder is required to donate, you may turn your bid into a donation if you wish. Why Hopegivers? Hopegivers is a ministry that is near and dear to my heart. Through sponsors like you, Hopegivers rescues orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children and raises them to be doctors, nurses and ministers of the Gospel. They take these precious lives that others have discarded and train them to be...

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Finalist…. but It’s Not Final.

Posted by on May 22, 2015 in A Most Inconvenient Marriage, Books | 4 comments

I don’t really understand the term Finalist, because it doesn’t mean that anything is over. In fact, it means that you get to go on to the next round. Very confusing. Maybe it should be called a Continuist? Anyway, this has been an exciting spring, that’s for sure! I’m so pleased to get to share that both my novella An Unforeseen Match and my full-length historical romance A Most Inconvenient Marriage have made finalist. In fact they both double finaled in two contests and An Unforeseen Match finaled in a third. The nice people holding these contests sent me logos to share, so just pretend like I’m a grandma showing you pictures of my kids. 🙂 An Unforeseen Match in the novella category:     A Most Inconvenient Marriage in the Inspiration Category:       Isn’t that cool?!...

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The Shocking Truth Behind the Book Covers: The Red-Eye Effect

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Books, Silly Stuff | 12 comments

When talking about book covers, the most frequent question I’m asked is why my book covers no longer show the heroine’s face. I thought it was a simple matter of marketing preference, but when I finally asked our marketing team, I got an answer that will truly shock you! The fact is that recent research has shown that over-exposure to flash bulbs can have disastrous consequences…consequences that could have already affected you and your kids. Noelle Buss of Bethany House Publishers was kind enough to forward to me a letter from their modeling agency (whose name I can’t reveal) regarding a new policy that directly affects our book covers. BLOOD EYES! Have you EVER heard of this? Scary stuff. Here’s the letter: RE: Photography Policy Changes  Recent studies have uncovered a disturbing trend between repeated camera flash exposure and photosynthetic ocular...

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The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 in Books | 0 comments

Today I found out that my novella “An Unforeseen Match” is a finalist for the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence! I’m so excited! If you haven’t read about Grace and Clayton, now’s a great time to download the ebook. The whole collection of “A Match Made in Texas” is on sale for $1.99 on most e-reader sites. Or you can find the paperback version at your local store.   Thanks for celebrating with me! Love,...

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New Cover Reveal

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in At Love's Bidding, Books | 4 comments

Finally I can share the amazing cover of the second book in the Ozark Mountain Romance Series:   Isn’t that fun? So what do you think is at the end of Miranda’s rope?  That’s the question, isn’t it? If you had the book in your hands you could just flip it over, but here in virtual land we can’t just flip our device over and look from that side. So here’s the complete cover:   So cute! And if you’re looking closely you’ll realize that Miranda has been to the beauty salon and got her hair color done. This full picture had a blond model in it, but the art department worked some magic and got it corrected. They are wizards at this cover stuff. Unfortunately we have to wait until November to share this story, but here’s a...

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Before and After: Book Cover Changes

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Books, Caught in the Middle, Sixty Acres and a Bride, Writing | 30 comments

My publisher Bethany House is famous for their historical romance books…and covers. Their covers are adored by authors and readers alike. I’ve never had a cover from them that I didn’t like, but occasionally I get a cover that needs just a little change to make it fit the story better.    For instance, this is my first book cover. Gorgeous, isn’t it? The blouse even matches the descriptions of Rosa’s hand-embroidery work and drawstring neckline.  The one problem we had was that this series takes place in Caldwell County, Texas – a real location that just happens to look nothing like a desert. Before:   After: Those sandy dunes and mountain ranges were replaced with wheat fields and some…well, smaller mountains. This picture could possibly be in central Texas, while the other could not. My Caught in the...

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