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An Unexpected Request – Publication Story, Part 6

Posted by on Aug 20, 2011 in Africa, Missions, Publication Story | 3 comments

“Are there bathrooms where we’re going?” we asked our African host. “In Africa, there are bathrooms everywhere.” He motioned out the window of the jeep. Sure enough. I’d have to be careful where I looked. And stepped. Although my mind was still whirling from the ACFW conference, I was excited about this trip. My husband and I, along with three friends, were scouting out a ministry for a possible church partnership. Bathrooms might be plentiful, but bedrooms were hard to come by. Exhausted from our flights, we were discouraged that the rooms we’d leased were unsanitary, even by mission trip standards. They had had running water at one time because there was a toilet, but the water was cut off and the toilet was full. After a few more attempts at accommodations the decision was made that we would...

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