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Celebrating the Little Free Libraries

Posted by on Sep 15, 2019 in Books, Oklahoma | 2 comments

Have you heard about the Little Free Libraries? Maybe there’s one near you, and you didn’t know about it. I didn’t know that my town has two, until I looked it up on the map. Sure enough, I found one nearby that’s just as cute as a speckled pup. Tim and Susie S. of Mustang, OK This week the Little Free Library movement is celebrating 10 years. To join in the fun, I visited our Little Free Library and talked to Susie about what led her (and Tim) to build this beauty. How did you come across the idea of building a little library for your neighborhood? Our daughter Shera in Naperville, Illinois, called and asked her dad to build her one. When I checked into the idea, I decided I wanted one for our neighborhood, too. Tim found the plans online and made two, so this one in Oklahoma has a twin in my daughter’s neighborhood in Illinois. Has reading always been important to you? Definitely. My mother was a school librarian, and I was an elementary school teacher for over 20 years. We raised our kids in Central Illinois, and three of four of them presented book reports on the show Reading Rainbow. Reading together as a family has meant a lot to...

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On the Banks of the River Avon

Posted by on Jun 5, 2019 in Christian Life, Devotions, The Anglo Files | 0 comments

Have you ever felt like everyone was looking at you, and you didn’t know why? That’s what happened to Coy and me in Stratford-upon-Avon. Every day while we were there, we found ourselves stopping along the River Avon at a spot directly across from Holy Trinity Church. If you didn’t know, Holy Trinity was William Shakespeare’s church, but the church was old even before Shakespeare attended. The building was built in 1210, but there are records of a church at that site, going back to 845 AD! Incredible! From the river, the view was perfect, and the first few days of our stay it was quiet and peaceful. Things changed on the weekend when a carnival came to town and set-up in the public grounds behind us. The carnival music did drown out the birdsong, but it was still a lovely view. Another product of the weekend was more tourists. The shops got busier and so did the river. While we sat on the park bench talking and looking at the church, tour boats would go by, filled with phones & cameras poised to capture the perfect shot. And they kept aiming at us. At first, we waved and laughed, thinking that they were being funny, but then we realized that they were unaware...

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The Courage Chronicles

Posted by on May 6, 2019 in Books, Oklahoma, The Lieutenant's Bargain | 27 comments

Welcome to the Courage Chronicles – a Scavenger Hunt/Blog Hop where you might win 5 marvelous books and one mediocre painting! (Haha!) Here’s the skinny – Follow 5 authors as we collaborate on a painting (from LetsMakeArt) and talk about what courage means in our lives. Visit all 5 blogs and find the answers to the questions on the entry form. From the completed forms, one winner will be chosen to win 5 books (one from each author), as...

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Q & A with Regina Jennings – The Lieutenant’s Bargain

Posted by on Dec 30, 2018 in The Lieutenant's Bargain | 4 comments

What inspired The Lieutenant’s Bargain? Is there any history behind it? This period in American history is full of conflict and missteps by the U. S. government concerning the Indian tribes. Many policies were long debated, then enforced, then repealed and then enforced again as the government tried to cope with the challenges they’d created for themselves. The inspiration for The Lieutenant’s Bargain came from the laws pertaining to marriages between the two cultures. At this time, white settlers...

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Christmas Romance on the Prairie – Now Available

Posted by on Dec 4, 2018 in Books | 2 comments

  Christmas Story set in 19th Century Indian Territory (Oklahoma) Lieutenant Jack’s life is upended when his childhood crush appears in danger on the reservation. Hattie Walker finds herself in debt to the awkward boy she’d ignored in school. When his critical mistake is uncovered, she learns that she’s bound by more than gratitude. Also available in Audiobook Hattie Walker dreams of painting the Rocky Mountains, but her parents want her to settle down and marry. They make an...

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