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Traffic and Turnpike Concerns

Posted by on Apr 2, 2016 in Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 0 comments

  There will be community-wide meeting to discuss the traffic challenges we face as a growing community as well as the routes of the proposed turnpikes. We encourage all citizens available to participate in this discussion as we analyze several ideas to help with the congestion experienced on HWY 152 and Mustang Road during busy hours. Some of the items to be discussed: Reduce overall traffic by encouraging citizens to: – Carpool – Use “side” or neighborhood roads to navigate the city when possible – Walk/Jog/Bike/Hoverboard/Horse/Camel/Donkey – Stay home Increase the speed at which traffic moves by: – Eliminating stop lights (if approved by the Department of Transportation) – Increasing the speed limits (if approved by the Department of Transportation) – Make all roads go downhill both ways Regulate traffic by: – Passing a city ordinance requiring feminine colored cars (red, pink…) to drive in the left lane and masculine colored cars (blue, black…) to drive in the right lane (until reaching destination obviously). The center “turning” lane can double as a “passing lane” when needed. – Encouraging some local businesses to alter operating/opening hours to a less busy time frame (preferably evening/night) to more evenly divide traffic between 24 hours in a day. (Currently we have several hours at night where very few...

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Continuity Issues

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Devotions, Writing | 0 comments

Let’s say you’re going to make up a story. A grand story. A story that’s going to span centuries with a cast of characters that numbers into the thousands. This story is going to be so big, that it’ll require several authors working with you – dozens in fact. And it’s going to take a long time to write. Generations will pass before it’s done. How are you going to plan for that? I’m currently editing a novella collection about three brothers, but it’s on a much smaller scale. The stories are all set in the same town and share a lot of the same characters, but a different author is writing each individual brother’s story. A project like this takes planning. Before these ladies started writing, they set down names, places, and characters. Together they matched the stories of these brothers so that they made sure that what was said in one story lined up with the next story. They each know what had happened to the youngest brother when he was in high school. They each know how the middle brother got hurt and why the oldest brother had to come home. These women are all Americans living in 2016. They all speak English and have studied writing at the same conferences...

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Booked Solid Winner!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in At Love's Bidding | 1 comment

Congratulations to Karen R. of Washington for winning the At Love’s Bidding/Hopegiver’s International Booked Solid contest. Karen will get a new Bethany House book delivered to her mailbox every month for 2016! Thanks Karen for playing and for supporting the ministry of...

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Booked Solid Contest

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in At Love's Bidding, Books | 4 comments

THE BOOKED SOLID CONTEST to celebrate the release of At Love’s Bidding and Benefitting HOPEGIVERS INTERNATIONAL What am I bidding for? One Year’s Worth of Fantastic Inspirational Books delivered to your mailbox. Where does my bid go? All money raised by this promotion goes to Hopegivers International and their Christmas Hope Chest program to provide every child in their ministry with a new set of clothes, school supplies, toiletries and a Christmas toy. While only the highest bidder is required to...

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How I Lost My Sole at the Football Game

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Family, Oklahoma, Silly Stuff | 9 comments

Even before the punishing Oklahoma heat breaks, we start getting geared up for football season. My sister Becky is no exception. So when she was given two tickets to OU’s opening game, she gave me a call. We could run down to Norman and take a quick, local, sister trip together. No planning required. Sounded great. Always looking to save some money, we decided to park way out at the Lloyd Noble Center and walk to the stadium. We’re both...

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